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Abigail's Story

Are you a donor or a recipient of a Care Kit bag? Do you have a story to contribute about how others have benefitted from Hygiene Bags or Comfort Bags for Kids? Are you a volunteer? Do you have a connection with an agency or organization that distributes Care Kits? Would you just like to share some feedback? This is your space. We can't wait to hear from you!

When I was around 3, I was involved in a car accident. My father was driving me to Pre-K and, suddenly, we hit a tree. The windows and side-mirror on the passenger side shattered, and my neck was cut open just under my jaw. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and, upon arrival, was immediately placed in a room at Tennova. In the room with me were my father, mother, and grandmother while the doctor used sutures to close the wound. At the time, someone who worked there at the time was giving away their Beanie Babies™ collection to children in the Emergency Room. I received a stuffed koala, which I named Stitchy because the doctor also stitched its neck so the koala and I matched. This was a huge comfort and helped me through the experience. Now, almost 12 years later, I still have Stitchy, and, although the stitches in his neck are gone, I keep him as a reminder of what helped me in this traumatic situation. Sharing Comfort Bags and Hygiene Bags is important to me on a personal level because it is a way I can demonstrate my commitment to service and to giving back to my community. Through my Gold Award journey, Care Kits for Cleveland has also has provided me with the opportunity to embrace invaluable skills, a sense of accomplishment, and the possibility of making a positive difference in the lives of others. I would like to share with anyone who is interested in pursuing a high award in Girl Scouting (whether it be Bronze, Silver, or Gold) that service to others is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling endeavors a young person can pursue. However, philanthropic efforts such as this are not limited to young Girl Scouts! Citizens of all ages, think about your strengths and interests, and be sensitive to what is happening around you in your community and the world. Identify a need and partner with others to make connections and craft a creative solution through kindness and love for each other. Together we can make the world a better place!

If your organization is interested in donating to or accepting Hygiene Bags or Comfort Bags, please contact us at First Presbyterian Church of Cleveland (423)-476-5584 or email at