About Us

Meet the Care Kits for Cleveland Team

Bill Archer

Agency contact, construction, engineering design, heavy lifting.

Abigail Blazer

Agency contact, budgeting, Care Kits coordinator, communication, donation delivery, engineering design, organization, planning.

Dr. Arlynn Blazer

 Budgeting, construction, engineering design, heavy lifting.

Amos Blazer

Bag assembly, donation delivery, organization.

Olivia Blazer

 Communication, planning, agency contact, engineering design, organization, donation delivery.

Jessica Carter

 Agency contact, communication, Mission Committee Chair, organization, planning.

Wayne Carter

 Construction, engineering design, heavy lifting.

Benny Daigle

Budgeting, Financial Advisory.

Jessica Gomez

 Communication, organization, planning, project advisor.

Florence Hays

 Communication, Girl Scout leader, planning, organization.

Ivia Leamon

Communication, graphic design, web design, planning, organization.

Kyle Schmidt

Budgeting, communication, planning, engineering design, organization, pastor of First Presbyterian Church.

Jami Smith

Communication, planning, organization.

Pat Smith

Communication, planning, engineering design, organization.

How did Care Kits get started?

First Presbyterian church had been collecting travel size hygiene items since before the early 2000s and donating them to those in need periodically. Members of the church were interested in putting hygiene bags together more often, and it became a quarterly event with donations to the Cleveland-Bradley Emergency Shelter. It soon evolved into a fellowship event of sorts, with delivery of hygiene bags immediately following assembly. In 2020, I completed my Silver Award project, Comfort Bags for Kids. Comfort Bags are designed to bring happiness and contentment to children in emergency or traumatic situations, and are filled with items like playdough, snacks, a juice box, a coloring book, stickers, a reading book, a small toy, a stuffed animal, and a pack of crayons or colored pencils. Through this project, I assembled and donated 100 bags to the Cleveland Police Department, both Bradley County and Cleveland Fire Departments, and the Bradley County Sheriff's Office Command Center for the tornado victims. Comfort Bags for Kids was a sustainable project, and the youth and members of our church have enjoyed assembling and donating bags regularly to Tennova, our local hospital. Since 2020, the ministry has grown beyond what I ever thought possible. Space for supply storage and an efficient packing area eventually became a need. The idea for Care Kits was born from this. I wanted to make an effort to reorganize and store donations in a central area in which efficient bag assembly could take place. The Hygiene Bag ministry was growing as well, and needed the same. I wanted my Gold Award project to encompass both missions, and so Care Kits for Cleveland was born.

What is a Girl Scout Gold Award?

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout can earn, and only 5.4% of eligible Girl Scouts successfully do. It is a paramount achievement, the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only have the recipient's goals been met, but that she has made a difference in her community and the world. To earn the Gold Award, Girl Scouts must complete a sustainable service project encompassing at least 80 hours of work that demonstrates leadership. This project must be approved by Girl Scouts USA and be connected to  a local or global issue. The project must provide lasting impact and help to empower the Girl Scout to make a positive change in her community and world. It also requires the Girl Scout to take the lead in the planning and implementation of the service project, as well as show leadership skills, dedication, and an understanding of the issue they are working to address. Earning the Gold Award is a great accomplishment and a fantastic way for Girl Scouts to demonstrate their commitment to making the world a better place.

What is Care Kits doing for the community?

Care Kits is providing a resource with travel size hygiene items for those in need and comfort items to soothe and calm children in emergency or traumatic situations. The Care Kits mission is to help to improve the health and quality of life of people and children in need through both Hygiene and Comfort Bags. Care Kits is a sustainable ministry that has the potential to one day morph into a nonprofit organization. Any person, agency, or organization interested in receiving Care Kits or donating to the cause may contact First Presbyterian Church at 423.476.5584 or email at abigail@carekitsforcleveland.org for more information.

If your organization is interested in donating to or accepting Hygiene Bags or Comfort Bags, please contact us at First Presbyterian Church of Cleveland (423)-476-5584 or email at abigail@carekitsforcleveland.org.